Phillip Roberts

Phillip Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of California Lithium Battery Inc。 and co-founded three other small businesses over the past 20 years, including Ionex Energy Storage Systems, Inc。, Extengine, and Olson-Ecologic Engine Testing Laboratories。 Phil has over 25 years successful management experience in major corporations and as a cleantech product inventor and small business owner。

After graduating Georgetown University Phil went to work as a management executive at Atlantic Richfield Company/ ARCO Petroleum Products Company in the 1980’s. After many successful years with ARCO, Phil started focusing his energy in the advanced clean technology field. In the 1990’s he successfully started, raised millions, and sold millions of dollars of patented products for his advanced fuel, engine and emission control technology businesses named Extengine. In 2001 Phil co-founded and raised $5M in capital to build Ecologic Engine Testing Laboratories in Fullerton, CA. Within a few years the lab grew to over 25 employees, turned profitable, and became one of the most successful US EPA, California Air Resources Board (CARB), and ISO recognized engine and fuels testing and certification laboratories in California. In 2006 Mr. Roberts was chosen as one of INC magazine’s “Top Fifty Green Entrepreneurs” and named “California Businessman of the Year” by the National Business Council. In March 2007 Phil was featured in a London Financial Times article and in February 2010 in a LA Times article for his work done in the cleantech field. Phil earned degrees from the University of Paris, (Sorbonne) ’76 and Georgetown University ‘79, an Executive Certificate from Wharton Business School ‘99, he is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and a Lifetime Member of Strathmore’s Who’s Who for Demonstrated Leadership and Achievement.

In 2011, Phil co-founded California Lithium Battery to manufacture a breakthrough silicon-graphene Lithium ion battery anode material developed by Argonne National Laboratory。 Phil is currently managing the day to day affairs of California Lithium Battery。

Junbing Yang, Ph. D

Dr. Junbing Yang is the inventor of the CalBattery silicon graphene composite anode material and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dr. Yang is in charge of the new product IP and development for CalBattery. Over the years he has developed a strong R&D background in high energy and power lithium ion batteries for consumer electronics and automotive applications. Over the past 20 years Dr. Yang has developed extensive experience in materials sciences, chemistry, electrochemistry and nanotechnology with a focus in advanced material development for electrochemical energy storage and conversion including batteries, fuel cells and super capacitors.

From 2004 -2013 Dr。 Yang worked at Argonne National Laboratory as Postdoc, Assistant Chemist, and Chemist on many projects in batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen storage, where he is the inventor, principal investigator and project leader of the silicon-graphene composite anode for high energy lithium ion batteries。 He also worked as a Postdoc at, 1) the University of Akron, Department of Polymer Engineering, Akron, USA, 2) INRS-EMT, Quebec, Canada, and 3) Tsinghua University, Department of Materials Sciences & Engineering in China in 2000。 He received his Ph。 D。 in Chemical Technology from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000。

Dr. Yang’s years of research has led to many advanced battery materials and processes for consumer electronics and automotive applications, including: 1) high capacity anode materials, 2) a process to make silicon-graphene composites materials as high energy anode for lithium batteries, 3) a portfolio of technologies to enable silicon based anode for high energy, high power lithium ion batteries including electrode engineering design, cathode, anode, and binder materials, electrolytes and additives, 4) advanced materials for Lithium Air, Lithium Sulfur and Sodium Ion Batteries, 5) different porous carbon, sulfur/porous carbon composite materials as cathode electrode for lithium air and lithium sulfur batteries.

Dr. Yang’s patents and patent applications (12 patent and patent applications)

  • Junbing Yang, Wenquan Lu, Nanotube composite anode materials suitable for lithium ion battery applications, US patent application 20,110,104,551.
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Publications (over 40 in peer-reviewed journals)

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  • Invited talks at major conferences and symposia
  • Junbing Yang, Silicon anodes for lithium batteries, invited talk, 44th ACS Central Regional Meeting, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, May 15-17th, 2013.
  • Junbing Yang, Jianguo Ren, Khail Amine, High-Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries, invited talk at the AVS 58th International Symposium & Exhibition, Nashville, TN, October 31st – November 4th, 2011.
  • Junbing Yang, Jianguo Ren, Khalil Amine, Feiyu Kang, High Capacity Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery, Keynote presentation, Carbon2011, the Annual World Conference on Carbon, Shanghai, China, July 24-29th, 2011.